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I am Adrian Mercanzini, a future architect living in Switzerland. I am named after Hadrian , the Roman Emperor from 117 to 138 AD best known for his grand contributions to architecture throughout the Empire.

My travels all over the world have inspired me to admire the great works of architects of all centuries. By the age of 9, I had visited Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Canary Islands, Germany, England, Egypt, Morocco, Dubai, United States, Canada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Brazil. I have therefore been to many of the great structures on this website.


My current dream is to visit New York!

Enjoy the website, and please leave suggestions for improvement.

Adrian Mercanzini

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hola Adrian , me agrada mucho tu dedicacion y aprecio por la Arquitectura. Eres un ser afortunado por el apoyo de tus padres.
    Debo decirte que la Arquitectura es la unica disciplina que reune el arte y la ciencia. Pero de igual manera lo mas importante en tus disenos es el ser humano que habitara en los espacios que imagines y puedas crearlos . Un abrazo tu abuelo Carlos.

  2. Dear Author of the great structures of the world,

    First of all, thank you for such an informative and carefully composed site. Even as an architect myself, I learned so much about the contemporary high-rises and structures through your point of view. Also i love your collection of “elegant structures.” Were there any criteria for you to name certain building as “elegant”? If you could give all of us brief introduction how you came to name each section, it would be even more exciting. All in all, I look forward to the growth of your website to rival any other architecture encyclopaedia in the world.

  3. Adrian –

    It is great that you have been able to take this project so far! I remember seeing the early version at your apartment this past January. You have much to be proud of, and your dad is very proud of you. (I am also glad you were able to make it to New York City!)

    I am happy to see that you included the Zakim bridge in Boston. I also nominate Boston’s John Hancock Tower for your list; even though it is not nearly as tall as most of the towers in your list, it has an interesting history.

    I also nominate Kiyomizedera in Japan for the “historic” category – it is by far my favorite historic structure in Japan.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    – Paul

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